Huge Days

by Multiple Cyclops

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a good chance
all things do axe bandits who sulk
big teeth boy
psycho burn anything you don't understand
city-bound cler-clergy could not shave darkness land
development don't leave doubt's replaced down the roof
enlist bro
europe engineers forgot grab each other grandma
growing old half mad he thought of his love
hippies hourglass v. sand hunted for beauty in his pouch left lane to right
mirrors mirrors mirrors mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm
more abrupt my back on never right
no airway not to blame
on pot open mouth school lets out she's for hire sign petitions smoke trains
some babies, some condoms
southern spell smug sucker punch SWELL CHEST the cave found us when the girls go by
things they were different a long time ago
toothy grin trapped in a house
vacant lots wait for the end
wasn't the point; waters pulled part your luck dives an eagle arc


released October 7, 2012

Cary, Mike, Mischa are Multiple Cyclops

Engineered on the fly by Clifton Ingram, Mixed and Mastered by Evan James.

Many thanks to Brown Rice (RIP), Clea, Golden Nugget Pancake House, Jayve, Matthew Loiacono, Bobby Carlton, and any other soul who helped foster the Clops. Artwork by Jake Ford.



all rights reserved


Multiple Cyclops Chicago, Illinois

Formed in a crumbling apartment building in Saratoga Springs, NY, this cunning trio developed a cult following that rivaled that of, say, that guy who who sat outside of the coffee shop with an acoustic guitar that we would kick off the patio every other day. They met while playing Smash Brothers and briefly worked for the same exasperated employer. They often write songs about fish or fishing. ... more

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Track Name: Teethman
Before my axe cleaved his chest, Claude got quiet
And when I was done, his teeth had shrunk down
mine were huge

I've seen mirrors
Track Name: Berlin Conference
Future nature a green screen
Backyards become cinema seats
Track Name: Calendar By Fire
She used to,
And I will too,
All things do
Track Name: William Tell
A corn-husking busker
A trad-hopping failure
Who lashes lonely tailors
Track Name: Fly Boy Psycho
Cut clean, the helmet full bouncing
Track Name: It Will Rise
A tree full of Scots and no need for a hilt
clandestine star-shape finding
Unwinding his skull
And stalling his fall
Track Name: Wrong Einstein
Privileged and private in public a hub lit,
in darkness of knowledge not known by the classes
hidden by nights, swamped with papers equations
growing old behind desks, chased by creation
Track Name: The Ballad of Carlos and Laura
Dark blue eve stoke fire coals
dip between shallow shoals
few knew who even saw
behind a beach-ed log
cave stretching covered up
tide moves back empty cup
I wasn't sure enough
I thought
I thought it could be
Track Name: Shitshow
sweat drips from eyebrows
he chose sacred cow
Something by George cursed
he's stuck in the first verse
Track Name: In the Rig
He thought of his love, and all her loves
the past opened
Track Name: Like Lapiz Lazuli
Face like a starship
Crept klepto style
Cast some spells, she's for hire
Track Name: Crawl
A shut of the door, and a turn of the leaves
makes a person half mad, makes a dog sea green
One day I'll find feathers growing on me
and once again I'll remember the streets
I crawled down.